Silence Therapy

That evening Melisa was in her bedroom with her mother, Jane. Jane was making the bed for her to sleep.
Melisa : “Mom, something strange happened this afternoon at school.”
Jane : “And what might that be?”

Melisa : “You know my friend Linda, don’t you?”
Jane : “Linda, your friend who has three puppies, what about her?”

Melisa : “She has only two now. One got run over by a truck and died.”
Jane : “How unfortunate. She must be very sad.”

Melisa : “She was. She told me that during the lunch break at school and cried. The name of the dead puppy was Cutey because she was the cutest of the three.“
Jane smiled : “She was sad and she cried, that is quite natural, my dear.”

Melisa : “She talked about how her uncle first brought Cutey home and then gave her as her birthday present, how she treated Cutey when she was sick, how she bathed Cutey with a special soap and lots of other doggy things.”
Jane : “She obviously missed Cutey a lot. So what did you do?”

Melisa : “I just listened and kept eating my lunch. You know that I don’t know anything about dogs, mommy.”
Jane : “And what was it that you found strange about?”

Melisa : “She eventually finished with her story and then thanked me for listening. She said that she felt a lot better already. I said nothing and did nothing but listen and that made her better. Isn’t that strange?”
Jane laughed : “No, it’s not strange, my dear. By just listening you in fact gave Linda what I call ‘silence therapy’ which was exactly what she needed. Bed is ready, you sleep well now, good night.”

Melisa : “Ok, good night, mom. I love you.”
Jane kissed her daughter’s forehead : “I love you too.”

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