A Dry Smile

Bobby got online and signed in his facebook account. He clicked on the friend requests. Gery, his long lost friend, was one of them. He confirmed. He smiled, Gery happened to be available for online chat.
Bobby : “Hi buddy, glad that you found me here.”
Gery : “I searched for you. Mary told me that you managed to overcome your stress by pretending to smile earnestly with all your heart. Is it true?”

Bobby : “The same old Gery, always straight to the question :-D It was a gradual ongoing process.”
Gery : “You still keep doing the smiling practice, bro?”

Bobby : “Yes, it has kind of become my habit now :-D You should try it bro.”
Gery : “As a matter of fact I do. It does loosen me up to a certain degree :-D And you have stopped taking pills from the therapist completely?”

Bobby : “I only take pills when I feel necessary, and that is very rare now. You know how stressful work can be especially when you are meeting deadlines.”
Gery : “I have a confession to make, bro.”

Bobby : “? You want to make a confession?”
Gery : “I have also been having stress problem and seeing a therapist.”

Bobby : “As far as I can remember you are the man with the smiling face.”
Gery : “Yes, but not earnestly with all my heart. A dry smile doesn’t give me that slight good feeling inside.”

Bobby : “It’s true. It’s the earnest feeling that makes the difference. Thanks for trusting me with your confession, bro. I am honored.”
Gery : “Thank you for sharing your experience, bro. I appreciate it very much.”

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