We Make The Weather

The weather has become unpredictable. One moment it rains, the next the sun shines brightly and hot then the next it rains again with the sun still shining. Yes, you could have three or sometimes more weather changes in a day. My mother doesn't recall such things ever happened in her childhood.

In the old days I would not bring my umbrella for a walk if the weather forecast said the day was bright. These days not only do I bring my umbrella every time I go out, I would also wear or bring along my jacket just in case it rains and gets windy.

I remember a friend of mine once said : “The changes in weather are actually the manifestation of collective human behaviors. People used to behave well , respect each other, treat each other well, treat the nature well and do all the good and positive things. They lived in harmony with nature. All these brought about positive energy and created good atmosphere which then manifested in the friendly and predictable weather. Now people have become bad and wildly unpredictable. They do not live in harmony with nature. That’s why this wild weather and lots of natural disasters everywhere.”

Hmmm … he could be right.

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