No Freedom Of Choice

Bred and his father had just been to the hospital to visit his uncle suffering from lung cancer. They were on their way home driving.
Bred : “Father, uncle just now said to me not to smoke ever. He got lung cancer because of smoking. Didn’t he know that smoking was bad?”
Father : “Yes, he knew it all the way.”

Bred : “Why didn’t he quit?”
Father (smile) : “That’s a good question, you should have asked him just now. Some people just never stop doing unhealthy things until their bodies can’t take them anymore. They will then get sick and should start doing the healthy things to get well, otherwise they will get worse and probably die if things get really bad.”

Bred : “Good that you don’t smoke, dad.”
Father : “I always learn from other people’s experience, son. I realize early that people really have no option but to do good.”

Bred : “That’s not quite true, dad. People have the freedom of choice. They can equally choose to do good or bad.”
Father : “Yes you are right. You have the freedom to choose to smoke or not to smoke. If you choose to smoke (which is bad) and years later you suffer from lung cancer, you will then have to quit smoking (which is back to the good) to get well. If you choose not to smoke (which is good), it’s unlikely for you to get lung cancer due to smoking in the future (which stays good).”

Bred : “You are saying that if people do bad, they will eventually be corrected to do good. If they do good, they will stay good. That’s why you say we have no options but to do good. Very interesting, dad.”
Father (smile) : “That’s exactly how I see it.”

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