Choose Wrong And Suffer

Jenny had just finished talking with Windy on her cellular phone. She looked sad. There were tears in her eyes. She heard footsteps coming and stopped in front of her room. She quickly wiped away the tears and sat beside her bed. Some knocks and her mother opened the door : “Dinner is ready.” “Ok mom.” She said as she got up and followed her mother to the dining table. Her father was already there eating. She and her mother sat down and started eating too. Her father looked at her, smiled : “You don’t look happy. Is something bothering you?”

Her mother gave her a glance : “Greg is upsetting you again, isn’t he?” Jenny couldn’t hold her tears anymore : “He told me he couldn’t come because he wanted to fix his car. Windy just called and said she saw him with Susan in the cinema this afternoon. He lied to me, mom. He always does. I hate him.” She cried. Her father waited till she calmed down, said smilingly : “Everything is entirely up to you, my dear. You have the complete freedom to choose who is good for you. There are lots of good guys out there and finding one is just a matter of time.”

Her mother nodded : “Just treat Greg as your normal friend from now on. Keep making new friends and you will find your Mr. Right in no time.” Jenny was herself again : “It really hurts inside though.” Her mother smiled : “It does and will always hurt when you choose to be with the wrong man, my dear. Make up your mind to start over and choose the right man starting now.“ Jenny was no longer sad : “Yes mom, I think I will do that. Thanks for clearing my mind mom, dad. I feel so much better now.” Her father smiled : “We are glad to be of help to you. Just remember that we will always be here for you.” Jenny was thankful : “Ok dad.”

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