Right = Wrong

Billy saw both of his kids, Melisa and Wayne, playing cards on the table. Both of them laughed every now and then. He brought a thick hard cover book and joined them.
Billy : “Time out a minute. Tell daddy what the color of this book cover is.” He said smilingly and put the book in a standing position in the middle of them.
Melisa : “It’s black, daddy.”
Wayne : “No, it’s not. It’s white, Melisa.”

Melisa : “White is like the color of our wall. This book cover is black like the color of the blackboard.”
Wayne : “? This book cover is exactly like the color of our wall which is white.” He walked to Melisa’s side of the table, and so did Melisa to his. They both laughed. The book cover had black color on one side and white on the other.
Billy : “So who’s right and who’s wrong? Is it black or white?”

Melisa : “We are both right, but I guess you can also say we are both wrong, daddy.”
Wayne : “I would rather say that we are both half right.”
Billy smiled : “You will find lots of similar situations in your life. When you do, don’t jump into any conclusion immediately. You and the other party should make an effort to first see things on each other’s side. Lots of unnecessary quarrels or disputes can be avoided that way.”

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