George and Brad were sitting in the living room relaxing. Their father, Henry, brought out two identical neatly wrapped and tied up boxes. He put the two boxes on the floor.

Henry : “Okay boys, you see these two boxes. They are of the same size, wrapped and tied up with same number of knots. Each of you gets one. Your job is to get the chocolate bar inside it. Whoever opens the box last should give his chocolate bar to the winner. Do you have any question?”
Brad : “I like chocolate. No question.”
George : “No question. When do we start, dad?”

Henry took out two hankies out of his pocket and blindfolded Brad and George : “You can start now.”
Brad had already pictured in his mind the position of the box he wanted to aim. He got up from the chair, walked slowly so as not to stumble. He used each of his feet to feel for the box as he moved forward. He then ….
Henry : “George is the winner.”

Brad got rid of his blindfold : “That was fast! How did you do it, George?”
George : “I got rid of my blindfold, got the scissor from the drawer, cut the ribbon and the wrapper, opened the box and took my chocolate out.”
Brad : “That’s cheating … (he paused and thought for a while) … sorry, that’s very clever. The job was just to get the chocolate bar inside the box. How we did it was entirely up to us. I really should have done what you did. You deserve my chocolate brother.”

George smiled : “Mine is enough for me. That one is for you brother.”
Henry smiled : “Very good boys, enjoy your chocolate as I have mine already.”

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