A Dead Perfectionist

It is very common to hear that busy people are hard to see. One should make an appointment in advance to arrange a meeting and that could be days, weeks or months of waiting. These people have so much work that they often skip meals and do not have enough rest. Sam used to be one of them.

Greg was having lunch with his colleague Brian.
Greg : “Sam died last night.”
Brian : “O, the big boss whose companies you helped manage ages ago. It was stroke, wasn’t it?”

Greg : “Yes. He worked too hard. He often said that he was responsible for the good of his companies and employees.
He just couldn’t rest if he hadn’t made sure that things were going well.”
Brian : “He always said he was a perfectionist, didn’t he?”

Greg : “He thought he was, but actually he wasn’t.”
Brian : “I don’t understand what you mean. He did take very good care of his companies, didn’t he?”

Greg : “Yes he did, but he forgot that he was also responsible for his own good. He didn’t make sure that things were going well with his own health.”
Brian : “… too late, there is nothing a dead man, well, a dead perfectionist can do now.”

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