Get Healthy By Pretending

Gery still didn’t feel like sleeping that night. He went online and opened his facebook. As soon as he signed in, someone messaged him. It was Mary, his business colleague.
Mary : “Burning the midnight oil again, Gery?”
Gery : “Looks like I am not the only one :-D”

Mary : “Just finish checking my messages. Do you still remember Bobby the gloomy?”
Gery : “Of course, the serious guy who is always in distress. What about him?”

Mary : “I bumped into him the other day. He is a happy and lively man now.”
Gery : “That’s cool, so he finally gets a good therapist.”

Mary : “All the therapists and doctors he saw didn’t cure his problem. An old man he met accidentally in the park did.”
Gery : “ :-D what did the old man do, cast a healing spell on him?”

Mary : “ :-D the old man asked him to pretend to smile earnestly the best he could in front of the mirror every time he gets up in the morning and every night before he sleeps.”
Gery : “The old man must have seen that Bobby was too dead serious, so he asked him to pretend to smile :-D.”

Mary : “I guess so :-D. He said the first time he felt silly doing it. He looked at his stiff face in the mirror. He pretended to smile by widening his mouth. He somehow felt slightly more relaxed. He then put some earnest feeling in the smile. His face somehow looked a bit bright and friendlier. He felt even more relaxed. He laughed. He has been doing it ever since.”
Gery : “I never recall seeing him laugh before.”

Mary : “He has succeeded in overcoming his stress and gradually stopped taking any pills because of that exercise.”
Gery : “Really? So he still keeps pretending to smile now.”

Mary : “Nope. This time he smiles for real and laughs too.”
Gery : “Wow! Ask him to add me as a friend, will you?”

Mary : “Ok, asleep now. Nite.”
Gery : “Nite.”

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