Let Go

Greg had lots of friends and many were very rich. Sam was one of them. They had not been in touch since they last met, which was ten years ago. Greg was reading posts on his facebook that evening when somebody messaged him. It was Sam.

Sam : “How are you, Greg?”
Greg (surprised) : “Good Sam, how about you?”

Sam : “Click my profile picture and see for yourself.”
Greg did that and was shocked : “Is that you on the wheelchair? What happened?”

Sam : “I got stroke 9 years ago, too much stress. I can’t move my feet now.”
Greg : “Sorry about that. You should go to a therapist.”

Sam : “I do regularly twice a week. I should have listened to you.”
Greg : “?”

Sam : “Ten years ago you told me to learn to let go.”
Greg’s mind traveled back to the past. Sam was a perfectionist who just couldn’t trust anybody completely, not even his children. He had five or maybe more companies. Greg told Sam to consider retiring and let his four grown up, well educated and capable kids take care of the businesses gradually.
Greg : “Now I remember.”

Sam : “Follow your advice. Don’t make my mistake.”
Greg : “Thanks for sharing.”

Sam : “Good night.”
Greg : “Good night.”

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