The Man With No Arms

Smith was a very successful and ambitious businessman.When the global economy went bad, he lost all his assets and became a bankrupt. He was very frustrated and decided to commit suicide.

He opened his apartment window on the tenth floor. He was about to jump when he saw a man with no arms on the street. That man was dancing up and down happily. He thought : "That man is physically impaired. He is happy and dancing. I should be happy too. I am physically normal.and I can start over for sure."

He then went down and approached the man who just saved his life. Smith : "I am glad that I saw you dancing from up there. Your have really inspired me. Thank you so much." The man with no arms looked at him : "I wasn't dancing. I was trying to scratch my back."

Smith was dumbfounded : "Let me scratch your back for you." He scratched the man's whole back with both his hands. Smith : "Does it help?" The man smiled : "Yes, thank you very much." Smith smiled back : "You are most welcome."

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