Which Memories Of Yours?

One Saturday evening Bobby was video calling with Jack on Skype.
Bobby : “You should have come to the reunion, bro. Everybody was asking about you.”
Jack : “Really? Did Jenny come?”

Bobby : “Yes, so did all the girls in our class.”
Jack : “Glad that I didn’t go, the sight of her just makes me sick.”

Bobby : “I didn’t know that you had grudges against her.”
Jack : “Surely you remember that she used to call me ugly and stupid in the class in front of everybody .”

Bobby : “My goodness, Jack, that was over thirty years ago.“
Jack : “It still hurts every time I think about it.”

Bobby : “Of course, all bad memories do. I have a few questions, if you don’t mind.”
Jack : “What?”

Bobby : “How do you feel when you think about your good memories?”
Jack : “I feel good.”

Bobby : “Which one would you choose, to feel good or bad?”
Jack : “Of course to feel good.”

Bobby : “Why think about the bad memories that hurt you when you have the choice to think about the good ones that make you feel good?“
Jack : “That’s a good one, bro.”

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