A Deadly Secret

John was checking out his Facebook when a chat box appeared. It was Rita.
Rita : “Howdy John, long time no see. Burning the midnight oil, are you?”
John : “Hi Rita, I am about to sleep actually. How are things?”

Rita : “Things are good with me, not with Helen though.”
John : “Ah, the girl who always wears something red. What about her?”

Rita : “Her husband is dead, heart attack.”
John : “Sorry to hear that.”

Rita : “She is now having a financial problem.”
John : “How can that be? Her husband was a rich businessman.”

Rita : “Yes he was, but Helen knows nothing about his business.”
John : “You mean he never told her what he did for a living?”

Rita : “Helen only knows that her husband was in import export business.”
John : “He never talked about his business with her?”

Rita : “Nope. He just deposited enough money for their monthly expenses into her account every month. Don't know why but he always kept his business a secret.”
John : “What a deadly secret.”

Rita : “I don't think it's wise to keep our business a secret to our own family, do you?”
John : “I agree with you on this one, Rita.”

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