Shoe Size Magic

Bill and Bob were chatting on skype the other night.
Bill : “Bob, what’s your shoe size?”
Bob : “Are you into shoe making now?”

Bill (laugh) : “No. I bet you didn't know that your shoe size could tell your age.”
Bob : “I didn't know that. How could that be?”

Bill : “Ok, follow me step by step. Take your shoe size, no half sizes, round it up.”
Bob : “Ok.”

Bill : “Multiply by 5.”
Bob : “Ok.”

Bill : “Add 50.”
Bob : “Ok.”

Bill : “Multiply by 20.”
Bob : “Ok.”

Bill : “Add 1014.”
Bob : “Ok.”

Bill : “Subtract the year you were born.”
Bob : “Ok.”

Bill : “The first digit(s) would be your shoe size and the last 2 digits your age.”
Bob : “Wow, you are right! That’s really cool.”

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