Rank First

John was checking on his Facebook account. A chat box appeared “Hi John.” It was his old friend from high school, Jack. John : “Hi Jack, how are you, bro?” Jack : “Good. You still remember our friend Greg, don’t you?”

John : ”Of course, Greg the brightest guy in school.”
Jack : “That’s the one. His son has a mental breakdown.”

John : “That’s very unfortunate. That is his only child, right?”
Jack : “That’s right.”

John : “How come ?”
Jack : “His son is a good average kid. He is not stupid, but not very bright.”

John : “That’s cool.”
Jack : “Greg wants his son to rank first in class like he used to.”

John : “Well, some people have smart kids and some don’t. That’s just natural.”
Jack : “That’s right. Greg gets his son to attend lots of tuitions. He scolds his son every time he doesn’t rank first in his tests, even though he gets passing marks.”

John : “Exerting pressure to a kid like that is really bad. Besides what’s wrong with not ranking first? He still passes the tests, doesn’t he? That’s good enough to me.”
Jack : “Exactly. His son has had too much and he now needs a mental therapy.”

John : “It’s very unwise of Greg to do what he has done. People are born different. He had better learn to accept people and things the way they are.”
Jack : “You are right. I think Greg has learnt his lesson now.”

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