No Barrier

Marie was wiping the sink in the kitchen when her son, Bobby, came in.
Bobby : “Mom, where do you put the snacks?”
Marie : “There in the cupboard. Get me the tea kettle and a glass with its lid, will you Bobby?”

Bobby got his mother the things she asked for.
Marie : “Don’t go just yet. I want you to watch and comment.”

Marie put the glass in the sink, opened the water tap and filled the glass full with water. She then grabbed the kettle and poured the tea into the glass. The tea overflew.
Bobby : “If you want to fill the glass with tea, you have to empty it first, mom.”

Marie emptied the glass, put it back and placed a lid on it. Again she grabbed the kettle and poured into the glass, ending up spilling the tea.
Bobby : “If you want to fill a glass with tea, make sure that it is empty and has no lid on it, mommy.”

Marie : “Exactly. If you want to learn something, make sure that you are ready and get rid of any barrier to accept new things.”
Bobby (laugh) : “I see. Can I get my snacks now, mom?”
Marie (smile) : “Sure, don’t forget to leave some for your mommy and daddy.”

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