I Have Pig Friends - So Do You

Pig is the very last creature on Chinese horoscope. They've got these qualities such as generosity, sympathy and diligence. With excellent focus, once a target is set, they'll dedicate all their energy to achieve it. Although Pigs hardly ever seek assistance from other people, they won't reject to give others a hand. They never get suspicious, therefore they are often fooled by other people. You ought to be honest if you would like to get a long-term relationship with them.

Year of Birth: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031


Pigs are in general fairly calm when going through problems. It doesn't matter how hard the problems may be, they are able to handle things carefully and properly. They've got a good sense of accountability to finish what they're involved in.


Pigs possess a very good health through life. Frequent social activities and dinner parties are unavoidable for them. They should stay away from excessive smoking, drinking and eating which could lead to health issues. Along with taking on a well-balanced diet program, suitable workout is badly required for Pigs to stay in shape. As they possess a free mind about everything, they hardly ever experience stress problems. Confronted with excessive work, they understand how to loosen themselves up from weariness. Sleeping is usually their typical way to refresh themselves.


Pigs enjoy good fortune within their careers. When coming across difficulties and problems, they generally tend to get the help of other people. Having a good sense of accountability, they aren't scared to try and do what they're enthusiastic about. They've got rich imagination and creativity. They could take up careers like interior decorator, veterinarian, doctor, caterer or entertainer. Some other promising opportunities would include things like hospitality, retail, entertainment or transportation.


Pigs enjoy great interpersonal relationships. With qualities of integrity and sincerity, they're well-liked friends. They're simple-minded and never get preoccupied with trivial issues about others. They highly value friendship and do not betray friends unless in specific situations.

In romantic relationships pigs are intimate and affectionate. They're loyal to their lovers. As soon as they get the ideal partner, they are usually committed for good. However, as a result of lacking good communicating skills, often they are unable to tackle complications in relationships.


Best with: Rabbit or Goat Worst with: Monkey, Pig or Snake

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