Cry And Fear - Be Healthy

It was a beautiful Sunday morning with the sun shining and the birds chirping. My family and I had breakfast together.
Daughter : “Dad, why is it that boys are not allowed to cry?”
Me (laugh) : “Who told you that?”

Daughter : “John fell when he was running the other day and cried. Bob told him to stop crying. He said crying is only for girls, not for boys. Girls are weak. Boys should be strong and fear nothing. Is that true?”
Me : “Did Bob say who told him that?”

Daughter : “His daddy. Bob said his daddy always says that to him when he cries.”
Me : “Everybody cries and fears my dear. Boys, girls, men and women all do. In fact we all need to cry and fear because they do us good.”

Daughter : “How can that be?”
Me : “The other day you cried when you rode your bike and fell down. Why did you cry?”

Daughter : “I hurt my knee and it was really painful.”
Me : “Did you feel better and more relieved after crying?”

Daughter (laugh) : “Yes, a little bit.”
Me : “Crying does help relieve our pain and tension. Everybody is bound to experience pain and tension in his or her life many times. One of many ways to ease the pain and tension is crying.”

Daughter : “I see. How about fear? How can it do us good?”
Me : “Why do you brush your teeth everyday?”

Daughter : “The school teacher and you say that brushing our teeth will keep our mouth and teeth healthy. That’s why.”
Me : “In other words you fear your mouth and teeth to be unhealthy. If you do not have that kind of fear, then you will not brush your teeth which will in the end hurt the health of your mouth and teeth.”

Daughter : “You are right daddy. Cry and fear do us good. I think I will tell Bob when I see him at school next time.”
Me (smile) : “And perhaps John too?”

Daughter (smile) : “Ok.”

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