Do You Have Problems?

It was a beautiful morning. The Wise Man, Jack and John just finished watering the plants in the garden. They sat in the porch enjoying their tea.
Jack : "Teacher, most of your visitors having problems are from the city. Is living in the city really that bad?"
John : "Perhaps it is, Jack. I know some people moving from the city to the village to live. They say they feel a lot healthier."

Wise Man : "Students, problems are everywhere. It's thus not where you live, but how you deal with them that matters. City is usually more polluted. In this case village does offer a better living quality."
John : "How do you suggest we should deal with problems, teacher?"

Wise Man : "How do you suggest we should walk, students?"
Jack laughed : "One step at a time, teacher."
Wise Man smiled : "Similarly you should deal with your problems one at a time."

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