A Business Man In Trouble

Jeff was a business man from the city. He came to see the Wise Man for advice.
Jeff : “O Wise Man, what should I do to have a happy and loving family?”
Wise Man : “Imagine that you have a cow. Would you take it back home?”

Jeff smiled : “No. It should stay in the cowshed.”
Wise Man : “So you shouldn’t. Would you take its milk back home?”

Jeff : “That I would.”
Wise Man : “So you should. Would you take its dung back home?”

Jeff laughed : “Definitely not.”
Wise Man : “So you shouldn’t. You just gave great answers to your question.”

Jeff thought for a moment : “The cow is my business. The milk is its positive results. The dung is its negative results.”
The Wise Man nodded and smiled.

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