This Too Shall Pass

John came home from school in a hurry. He looked distressful indeed. His mother had just finished preparing lunch. He broke into tears as soon as he saw his mother.
Mom : “What happened John? Why do you cry?”
John : “I stumbled and injured my right knee. It’s still bleeding mom.”

Mom : “Take a seat, let mom treat your wound.”
She went to take some cotton and medical liquid. She cleansed the wound with the medical liquid.
John (cry) : “It hurts mom.”

Mom : “Yes I know it hurts. Nothing lasts. This too shall pass, don’t worry.”
She blew her son’s wound a few times. “Feeling better now?”
John (stop crying) : “Yes, it doesn’t hurt as much anymore. Thanks mom.”

Mom : “Lunch is ready, let’s eat.”
John : “Yes, I am starving.”
They started eating.

Mom : “Son, it will be good if you always remember the phrase ‘this too shall pass’ in every situation.”
John : “I always do mom.”

Mom (curious) : “You do?”
John : “Yes. Everything keeps on changing. By realizing that ‘this too shall pass’ in the good times, we will remember to prepare for the bad times and not get too carried away. By realizing that ‘this too shall pass’ in the bad times, we will keep moving on and not lose hope.”

Mom (amazed) : “That is true. That attitude is good for our health physically and mentally. Did your school teacher tell you that?”
John : “No, I overheard you say that to daddy some time ago.”

Mom (smile) : “Really? How is your wound now?”
John : “The hurting part has passed. It’s healing mom.”

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