The Fastest Thing On Earth

A, B and C have been friends practically all their lives. They used to be neighbors to one another when they were kids, and went to the same school. Even though they live far apart from each other, they still keep in touch online. They do conference chat using yahoo messenger from time to time to talk about things and remain best of friends.

A : “My kid asked me the other day about what the fastest thing on earth was. It was a quiz given by his school teacher to think about for the weekend. Who gave the right answer would be given a bar of chocolate.”
B : “Supersonic sound travels very fast, but I think lightning is much faster. I would say it is light.”
C : “Yes, I think nothing can beat the speed of light. Is light the right answer?”

A : “Nope, the fastest thing on earth is mind. Our mind travels in an instant. If we think of Bali, our mind gets to Bali instantly. If we think of the sun, our mind gets to the sun instantly. There is no distance limit that our mind can’t reach in an instant.”
B : “That is very true indeed. In fact our mind can go from one place to lots of other places in a matter of one minute. I certainly would call that super duper fast.”
C : “I would call that super duper unfocused.”

A,B and C : "Ha ha ha."

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